Financial Update for December (Getting Out of Debt)

With Christmas approaching we were not able to pay down our debt as much as we had hoped but we did manage to pay it down some so I am choosing to focus on the positive instead of wishing we had done better.

Here is our recap of the debt we have paid off so far:

Sears: 83 dollars a month

QVC: 32 dollars a month

And what we are trying to pay off:

Payday loan: the goal was to pay off 100 dollars a month (and doing that we would have the debt paid off in 6 months). In November we were able to pay off 200 dollars on the loan instead of just the planned 100. So now the loan should be paid off in March! I would love to pay off more than a hundred dollars this month but with Christmas I just don’t think that will happen but we shall see!

And we are still making the monthly payments on our other debts too!

We also joined a credit monitoring service and I have been working on disputing some accounts that for whatever reason are listed multiple times on our credit report. I’m not sure if that will do anything for our score but there is no reason to have the same account listed 3 times!


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